Hania Jneid runs her multidisciplany design studio between Barcelona and Beirut. 

At Hania Jneid Design Studio we are intrigued by cultures and context. Spaces and objects are “alive”..they tell stories, witness events and react to time..
A designer’s role is that of a catalyst that permits the user to maximize his living experience. At Hania Jneid Design Studio we look to connect the user with his emotional self, by creating a sensory and sensational encounter with surrounding objects and spaces.

Hania Jneid Design Studio is growing to encompass the creation of artistic ceramics, bespoke design pieces and artworks.

Hania is a designer at heart. She holds an MA interior design from London’s Royal College of Art and a BS of interior architecture from the Lebanese American University of Beirut, turning a page to her well accomplished career in translation and languages.